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kidney and back bone belt

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Back pain and kidney ceramic heat belt

a must for motor cycle enthusiasts and long distance car drivers

This belt is enriched with ceramic tiles, which radiate heat for 40 minutes if charged for 2 minutes in a micro wave oven. The belt can be worn under a shirt or coat to become invisible. Recharging during long rides is easy in gasoline stations and restaurants or even on stoves, near fire places, and in sunshine.
The structure of the ceramic tiles also helps to support the spinal mussels in keeping the back bone from sinking into the driver's seat to a painful position.

the belt can be worn close to the skin or outside; it keeps your kidneys warm during motorcycle rides

the ceramic belt is a typical outdoor help, especially appreciated by hunters, fishermen, cyclists, and boating enthusiasts

in the evening, a warm infra red radiating belt is the best soothing and healing treatment for back pains and kidney troubles.

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This special ceramic has been developed to absorb heat very fast and to release it slowly in the infrared spectrum beneficial to body health.

Thousands of years old Chinese wisdom for wellness is combined in the novel products designed from it: heat applications such as acupressure, moxibustion, and massage. The Far Infrared Rays of this new ceramic makes it possible to produce and deliver more Pure Far Infrared Heat Rays than any technology ever before.

Practical applications have been developed from it: some for specific and frequent ailments of the bones and nerves, others for typical modern lifestyle problems such as hurting back bones of car drivers, cold pains of the neck, and a new world of massage, wellness, and spa applications is starting to derive from it.

Application is easy: heat the ceramic filled items for 2 minutes in a microwave oven and the use it for about 40 minutes, while it radiates infrared warmth.

We will continue to develop new applications for this helpful technology. Check back on this page for it.

For professional spas and health product chains please write to us for wholesale conditions.