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Health Food


from wild organic resources

designed to create and maintain health

produced to protect biodiversity

A life style of health

TianZi Health Food Restaurant, tea garden, and food store, Chiang Mai, Thailand

the famous TianZi Orchid flower tea: likely the most exclusive tea in the world, and

our Orchid tea blend with mountain forest tea

Puer Tea
best quality mature forest tea

Health food menue

Menue to recover health

Health food serving

Revovering from virus and cancer

tropical health food

bamboo salad

Ivan Schiffer's health food concept

For chronic diseases we recommend medical advise
and treatment:

Make an appointment with our natural health specialist and TCM doctor:

Brigitte Fabian, natural healing specialist

Dr. Wolfgang Kohler, Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with conventional Western medicine


Treatment options

Places for treatment in Asia

Sharing knowledge and extending help

Make an appointment

German web-site

Contract growing of medicinal herbs

where to get health food

Some important herbal adaptogenes in traditional Chinese medicine:

Diabetes herb extract "CaoSu"

Ganoderma spores

Ganoderma essence

Gynostemma, Long-life-tea

Gynostemma pills, Jiaogulan

Headache pillow from rainforest seeds and herbs

Pilea herb to prevent the accumulation of water in the body

Orchid flower tea: the rarest tea of all; used to calm the spirit, for a dreamless sleep and more...

Quit drugs tea

i - drops: herbal honey droplets for the immune system


a powerful mix of immune system stimulating herbs

Skin treatment, for acne, brown spots, allergies, disorders

Yunnan Baiyao capsules

Yunnan Baiyao powder + life saving pill

Dai peoples' traditional medicine for:

Blood circulation

Bamboo Salad

Bamboo is rich in Silicon (Silicium), which is needed to produce, replace, and heal bones, skin, and tendons.
Practically all species of bamboo can be eaten. Some are more bitter, some are sweet. The time-tested way of low fire cooking is to roast them over charcoal before serving.

Fresh bamboo salad with a spicy salsa of Jalapeno chilies with tomatoes, and mint.

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Your ecologically friendly production of food:
proudly traceable!

Imagine, the traceability of your supply chain leads your customers to the tropical jungles of the Mekong river and to the Himalayan mountains where Tibet meets Yunnan. Immerged in diverse culture and rich biodiversity, your customers can visit the places and people where your organic products start from pristine soils, clean air, and where they support the livelihood of local ethnic communities.

Would this add to the sustainability and credibility of your company?

Would your trademark benefit from international research publications lauding your company's involvement in saving the rain forest?

If you are in the food, cosmetics, flower, herbal, and medical business, certifying your products as contributing to rain forest and biodiversity protection will be an advantage with a competitive edge.

The TianZi Biodiversity Centre is working with German Universities to design land use systems, which are bound to change paradigms: we promote rare agro-biodiversity species, manage complexity, and find alternatives to destructive forms of mono culture.

If all this is in line with your company's business concept - please contact us.

The TianZi Team.

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