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Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Xinjiang of China


The TianZi health food restaurant:

TianZi Health Food Restaurant and food store, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The TianZi old homes:

the TianZi Dai house, Xishuangbanna

the TianZi Dai village, Xishuangbanna

the TianZi Naxi Houses, Lijiang

the TianZi Tao Temple, Yangtze Valley

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The TianZi Dai ethnic Eco-Village concept

Traditional Dai houses in Xishuangbanna are usually surrounded by a high diversity of local crops and the garden traditionally includes a fish pond.

Also ornamental plants are part of the beauty of a Dai home garden.

The houses are built on stilts. Under the house is room for domestic animals and storage fo wood and farm machinery.

Our TianZi Dai village preserves the traditional spirit forest. This spirit forest includes a spring with crystal clear water, which becomes the source of irrigation of the rice fields.

The rice fields around the TianZi Dai village, 10 minutes from Jinghong.


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Traveling in Yunnan is for experienced lovers of ethnic culture with a genuine interested in nature. From the tropical South to the high alpine North: no other Chinese province offers more cultural and ecological diversity. Biodiversity is rich in endemic species and so are the farmers' fields: full of agriculturally rare species and crop varieties.

For travelers with cultural experience and who prefer tranquility we offer:

TianZi Old Homes

With TianZi Old Homes you rent an entire ethnic house. No next room neighbors disturbing you, no tourists annoying you.

Your home will be in the middle of a cultural setting but smartly hidden from the noise of "development".

You may choose to live in your house alone or with your friends. You may cook for yourself or visit local restaurants.

All TianZi Old Homes have a garden typical for local culture and teaming with local plants.

We also guarantee that there will be no TV set in your house because we want you to enjoy time with your friends or a good book.

As most old homes are mainly constructed of wood, smoking in the rooms is not permitted.

At TianZi we are working on providing a health food restaurant in all places where we establish the TianZi Housing scheme.

For booking please send us an e-mail to inquire availability.


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