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Dear visitor,

to achieve our goal of biodiversity protection and increasing income for mountain farmers of ethnic communities of our area, we have given up the sale of seeds in favor of trading bulbs, corms, rhizomes, and cuttings. This way the farmers are helping us to protect the seed sources and mother plants, produce small plants for us under the shade of trees (most of our plants require shade or need trees to climb on, hence, their production favors tree-based farming systems and forests), and receive much more income than by selling seeds, only.

We hope you appreciate our decision. If you wish to purchase bulbs, corms, rhizomes or cuttings, please e-mail us. Our main shipping season is during winter (December to February/March) and it will be necessary to reserve well on time.

If you wish to buy plants please go HERE.

Thank you for your continued support to our concept.
The TianZi Biodiversity Team.

First time:
flowering plants of GOLDEN LOTUS (Musella lasiocarpa)
are now available for individual orders and on wholesale from our partners in Europe and in the US.

New to science: Musa rubinea, another rare and beautiful dwarf banana species of Yunnan

New in our garden: Alpinea platychilus, the largest and most beautiful ginger or our area, mildly frost tolerant

Newly discovered in our forests:
Red Curculigo, a rare species ideal for indoor decoration, tolerant of cooler climates

We are glad to announce that most of our products will soon be available in our first TianZi Tea House in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Kindly contact us if you intend to pick up larger quantities of any product there, so we can arrange transport from China on time. Thank you.



  Click into the scientific name for more pictures and information on the species
Amaryllidaceae Crinum amabile

giant spider lily
Araceae, Aroids Amorphophallus kachinensis
Amorphophallus konjac

Amorphophallus paeoniifolius
by far the most spectacular flower in our garden!

Amorphophallus yunnanensis
by far the most non-spectacular flower...

Alocasia lanciloba

spear-shaped arrow leaf

Alocasia macrorrhiza
giant alocasia

or "Elephant Ear"
Alocasia odora (sub-tropical variety)
with blue stems, the most elegant of the giant aroids, flowers with lovely fragrance. Very suitable also as an indoor plant.
used locally for asthma and lung cancer
  Arisaema sp.

Colocasia gigantea

leaves can't get larger than these...


Colocasia lihengiae

A newly described species

Steudnera griffithi
Golden Sail

an excellent plant for dark corners

Steudnera colocasiaefolia
Red Sail

both species, the red and golden sail planted in one pot makes an outstanding arrangement
Araliaceae Macropanax rosthornii

dwarf aralia
  Schefflera delavayi

oak aralia
Trevesia palmata
Snow flake tree

a beautiful indoor design plant and a good "Christmas tree" alternative
Bamboo   Phyllostachys pubescens
a frost tolerant bamboo from central China
Bignoniaceae Mayodendron igneum
Bombacaceae Bombax ceiba
the "cotton tree"
Caesalpiniaceae Bauhinia cateriflora
the "Cascading Flowers Orchid Tree", a stunning climber
Bauhinia variegata var. candida
Buddhist Bauhinia

flowers are edible

Saraca dives
Sorrow-less tree, a sacred tree of the Buddhist culture
Convolvulaceae, Morning Glories Evening Glory
a cute little exception: opens flowers in the afternoon
Chinese yellow Morning Glory
flowers in winter
Cucurbitaceae Thladiantha spec. from Yunnan
Mountain Buffalo

the largest tuber plant of the world!

Curculigo capitulata
Palm grass
a flowering plant that looks like a small palm but grows like grass: what else would you wish? (prefers shade)

  Curculigo orchioides
Orchid palm grass
ideal for miniature plant pot arrangements
  Red Curculigo
probably a new species, tolerant of colder climates
Iridaceae Belamcanda chinensis
Leopard flower

a highly elegant garden flower
Liliaceae Tricyrtis macropoda
Magnoliaceae Magnolia officinalis
  Paramichelia baillonii

Malvaceae, Hibiscus

Hibiscus sabdariffa

the species that makes your Hibiscus tea (Malven Tee)

Red Hibiscus
Abelmoschus sagitifolius

Melostoma polyanthum
a pretty shrub for sunny places; used in local medicine to treat poisoning and stop bleeding

Menispermaceae Stephania spec.
Mountain Turtle

an unusual succulent liana that can get 100 years old and 100 kg heavy; the large tubers are used for indoor decoration like bonsai.
A powerful medicine for all kinds of stomach trouble

Ficus auriculata

The elephant ear fig tree: these leaves make a difference


Ficus religiosa

The sacred "Bo" tree of Buddhism

Musaceae, Bananas Ensete glaucum
"Elephant Hip Banana"

Musa coccinea

red torch banana

Musa itinerans
Giant Jungle Banana
Wild tropical mountain forest Banana; grows up to 12 meter tall.

Musa ornata

ornate banana

  Musa sikkimensis

freshly harvested at place of origin

Musa yunnanensis, a new species!
Yunnan Wild Banana
Wild tropical mountain forest Banana; the most cold tolerant of all our Musa species; can tolerate frost.

Musa rubinea, another new species!

red dwarf banana
new to science; this is our smallest and most elegant banana with an upright, ruby red beautiful flower

  Musa sp.nov.
again a new species
with probably the tallest banana flower on this planet
  Musa sp.
yellow banana from cool climate lime stone area

Musella lasiocarpa
Golden Lotus banana

THE Banana! A sacred flower of Buddhism
Wholesale of mature plants

Nymphaeaceae Dwarf Lotus
  White Lotus

Hygrochilus parishii

new tissue culture cultivars in process


Caryota gigas

the largest palm of China

  Phoenix sp.
Mekong river palm

a very special and rare dwarf palm from the banks of the Upper Mekong river
Papilionaceae Erythrina stricata

a beautiful tree
Mekong fairy bush
  Mucuna sempervirens

a large vine with an unusual flower
Uraria crinita

cat tail
Piperaceae Pepper tree
"Bow pepper tree",
used in local medicine; tasty leaves and fruit stands that can be used for salads and for cooking. It grows into a bushy tree of about 8 meter.
Rubiacea Gardenia sootepensis
  unidentified climber
Sterculiacea Sterculia brevissima
smallest Sterculia; a good shrub for shaded corners and for indoor with a stunning fruit capsule
Symphoremataceae Congea tomentosa

Tacca chantrieri
Tiger whisker
used for gastric ulcer, high blood pressure, hepatitis, burns
A very unusual plant for a shady corner of the garden or as indoor decoration


Clerodendrum japonicum
used for arthritis, liver problems, eye dysfunction, hemorrhoids, hernia, insomnia
Grows to 2-3 meter and has attractive fruits and large leaves

Clerodendrum trichotomum
a cold tolerant bush with white flowers and extra pretty fruits
Stays smaller than C. japonicum
Alpinia conchigera a strongly fragrant species with a cascade of small white flowers, which attract bees and butterflies; keeps leaves in winter; our most cold tolerant ginger species
used in local medicine for problems related to the stomach

Alpinia sp. "Queen's scepter"

an unidentified beauty


Alpinia platychilus "King's scepter"

by far the most outstanding of our gingers!

  Amomum maximum
  Amomum tsao-ko

Costus lacerus

A large spiralling species with a great trumpet flower


Costus tonkinensis

Golden trumpets strait from the underworld...

Globba racemosa
"Dancing Girl Ginger"

this smallest of all gingers makes a charming indoor pot plant;
Hedychium coronarium
Hedychium flavescens
Hedychium forrestii

Hedychium coccineum

a firework of flowers!

Hedychium villosum

Clearly the most elegant of our lili gingers

Kaempferia rotunda
Zingiber fragile
Zingiber xishuangbannaese an endemic species of our area

Zingiber zerumbet

a great cut-flower!

Buddhist sacred flowers

Sacred flowers treasured by Buddhism of South China

check seeds of Musella (Musaceae), Ficus (Moraceae), and Bauhinia (Caesalpiniaceae)

Ornamental seeds

Ornamental seeds
Dry and cut flowers Cut flowers
Decor plant material

Decor plant material

for flower arrangements

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